Let’s have a tour to our breathtaking Campus of Amirjan High School

Amirjan High School Campus

The campus of Amirjan High School offers an image of peace and tranquility. The School is situated at Dumni, Khilkhet, Dhaka, an area of rolling green .All the campus greenery, gardens and orchards add to the abundance of natural beauty which serve as educational and recreational facilities for both the educator and learner communities. Set on a green environment , Amirjan High School’s scenic beauty includes the  rose garden, bakul tola , mango , guava,and lichi orchard,lush green field and a lake surrounded by coconut and rain trees. Numerous flower gardens and green spaces dot the enchanting campus. These features highlight the changing seasons. Krishnachura marks the arrival of spring. Green foliage gives way to yellows as the winter arrives. The students found themselves blessed with nature in the campus.